Thursday, 1 January 2009


It's that time again, isn't it? New year resolution time. The time to decide that our lives will be better in some way - try for a few days - then feel guilty for not being able to do what we say. It's really nothing more than works righteousness.

So rather than 'resolving' to do things on my own this year - to make myself a better person, my plan is to seek to use the New Year as a concrete marker to pray directly and specifically for the Holy Spirit to work in me in particular ways in accordance with God's word. That is, I'm going to ask God (and work hard at the same time in his power), to 're-form' me in particular areas and ways. In the areas of prayer, study (both the Bible and the study of the church - doctrine and history), and various aspects of Christian character, as well as others, I'm going to systematically seek God's reforming work in me. I'd value your prayers, and would encourage you to give it a crack.