Saturday, 28 July 2007

What's in a name?

Being indecisive (especially Dave) we took a long time to come up with a name for our blog. A close second was ‘Carsonogenics’ which we thought was a quirky take on the fact that we have both appreciated the writings of Don Carson so much and to this end we hope to have a semi-regular quote or two from ‘the Don’. In the end though we went for the short phrase ‘But now’ which appears a number of times in the NT but especially in Romans 3:21 – where the terrible condition of humankind under God’s wrath is met by the work of God in Christ. More than anything we hope this blog will help people understand and appreciate the significance of this amazing work of God more.

The term also picks up on the fact that it is important to us as Reformed evangelicals that we are constantly reforming – and so it reminds us that there will always be a ‘but now’ with our thinking, our theology and our lives. Finally, it picks up on the dynamic nature of our blog as we will move from Scripture to Theology to Pulpit to Pew to the Other things in our lives which are important (and sometimes not so important…but still very funny…and we promise not to qualify everything this much, well except when…).

Dave and Pete

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