Wednesday, 6 February 2008

How would you respond?

Imagine this scenario: You are feeling behind on your work so you set aside an hour early in the morning to get going. Your son wakes up an hour early. Your other son wakes up in a bad mood. You make them breakfast. You put honey instead of peanut butter on one son’s toast which leads to a melt down (for both of you). Meanwhile, the other son plays with his straw and (accidentally and it is your fault anyway) flicks milk onto your laptop. You can tell something is wrong when you hit the ‘A’ key and 10 random letters appear. You turn the computer off immediately. A few hours later you finally settle down to do some work – which you are now feeling even more stressed about. Your laptop now won’t turn on at all.

How would you respond? I wish I had remembered James 1:2 at the time. I didn’t.

There are two morals to this story: 1. Back up your computer now. 2. More importantly, remember James 1:2 the next time you have a morning like this…

Post-script: the lap-top is now working, the kids are asleep and a bit of perspective has returned…

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