Friday, 15 August 2008

A new creation

All Saints Methven has just launched it's newly created website. Our good friends at safi made it for us, and were excellent and doing everything we were after. It's got all the usual guff of a church website, but one thing I'm keen to do, given the number of tourists and travellers we get through here, is to have a very strong links page. That is, I'd love to be able to recommend churches all around the world, so no matter where people go after Methven they are able to find a solid church where they'll be welcomed and hear the Scriptures faithfully proclaimed. To that end, if you know of any such churches, particularly in traveller-heavy places, or places off the beaten track, I'd love to get their details from you. Also, if you have a church, or are part of a church, please consider popping us on your links page, so that when your people come here to ski or just visit this beautiful part of the world, they know where they can find family.


David Ould said...

nice, very nice.
LOVE the video ;-)

think you need your picture in the "about us" section. People need to know what you look like (so as to know who to avoid).

Scott said...

Great site Dave. I like the little welcome vid bottom right hand corner.

David Ould said...

yes, very Nooma ;-)