Monday, 15 September 2008

Cranmer's church

I've been chipping away at a little book on Cranmer by Bromiley. There are some excellent chapters on the bishop's thoughts on justification, scripture, the church, etc. Given some of the contemporary Anglican discussions on ecclesiology and 'communion', the following is telling:

It is the church that "concerning the faith containeth itself within God's word, not that deviseth daily new articles contrary to God's word: the church, by the true interpretation of scripture and good example gathererth people unto Christ, not that by wrasting of the scripture and evil example of corrupt living draweth them away from Christ"

Some points
  • the church deliberately contains itself within God's word - there is an active submission to the Scriptures;
  • the aim of the church is to gather people Christ;
  • this is done through true interpretation of the scriptures, AND the good example of those within the church.

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