Friday, 31 October 2008

Is the ESV S-B that good?

There seem to be three big events in my on-line world at the moment. Two elections (yes, NZ is having one as well), and the release of the ESV study-bible. I've cancelled my order (when the NZ dollar fell from US.86 to US.56 it seemed a good idea to delete Amazon from my favorites), and am hearing very good things about it. I've also read a few of the freebies and they look great.

But I am a bit concerned when I hear people saying things like:

... a resource that trumps my seminary education...

Now there's a possibility that the blogger is being a little sarcastic (and of course it depends entirely on where he went to seminary), but I'd question whether any book, even the ESV study-bible trumps a seminary education. It's just a study bible. But then again I haven't read it. So if you have, I'd love to know - is the ESV study-bible THAT good?

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