Tuesday, 7 October 2008

My Boy!

I'm not normally the sort of parent who raves about his kids, but I do have do make an exception. Yesterday was Theo's third birthday, and lucky kid got a bike (tiny little thing, because Theo's a tiny little thing). Liam came home from preschool in the afternoon and saw the bike (he knew we were giving it to Theo and was very excited). Liam grabs it from against the wall, hops on, and rides it 8 metres or so across the lawn.

Not a lot amazing about that. Except that the bike didn't have training wheels. And except that Liam had never before then been on a bike that didn't have training wheels. So Liam has essentially taught himself to ride a bike. And by the end of the afternoon he was cornering, stopping, and even occasionally getting off without falling.

But I have my doubts about Liam's naturally talents. For I fear that he got so good by making some sort of evil pact with the rose bush fairies - they seem to have demanded a blood offering, and Liam certainly left a LOT of blood on the rose bush throughout the day!

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