Thursday, 20 March 2008


Well, it is the time of year for all the different theories of the resurrection - what really happened? A relatively common one is that Jesus' disciples were undergoing mass hallucination. I think we can rule that out on the basis of Luke 24:36 ff. In this section Jesus appears to the disciples and has them touch him and eats a piece of brolied fish. He does these to prove that he is not a ghost but has been physically raised. Whatever you think of the validity of this account you have to rule out hallucination. In other words either it is true or the disciples are being willfully deceptive. The latter would be strange given that most of them went to their deaths proclaming the resurrection. But away with this idea that the disciples were well-meaning but simply deceived into thinking that Jesus had risen. Luke 24 rules that out.

Christ is risen!


Dave Clancey said...

Pete - our friend John Richardson comments on other resurrection issues here:

Go well.

Roger Gallagher said...

Hi Peter,

Your comments are especially relevant given the comments of the Dean of Perth, John Shepherd, regarding the resurrection:

Has anybody heard from Skirvo?

Peter Orr said...

Thanks Roger.
Spoke to Skirvo on graduation night (on the phone) but haven't heard from him otherwise. He has a Facebook page - not sure if he uses it much though.