Monday, 17 March 2008

JI Packer Un-Trinitarian?!

I have read the charge that Packer's book Knowing God is un-Trinitarian. Not that it denies the Trinity, but that it does not give the doctrine of the Trinity the place it deserves in a book about knowing God. Unfortunately I can't remember where I read this charge (but hey this is a blog not a peer reviewed piece!) but I have to say having re-read his chapter on 'Sonship' I have to disagree in the strongest possible way. Packer's book is Biblically Trinitarian in that it does not spend its time discussing the Trinity in abstract terms but, in precisely the same way that the Bible does, shows how the doctrine of the Trinity plays out in practice - as God works in the life of the believer. In this chapter - as in the book as a whole - you will find a throughly Biblical understanding and application of the doctrine of the Trinity that will warm your heart. Read it!


Dave Clancey said...

Pete - nice to see you back in the land of the blogging!

Joshua said...

Pete, didn't know you wrote for this blog?