Friday, 21 March 2008

The importance of being simple

I was chatting to a guy here in Methven this morning, a good solid New Zealand farmer, who is doing some study on the gospels at the Bible College of New Zealand. I got to know him when he visited our church and borrowed Blomberg's Jesus and the Gospels for his course. I asked him how the course was going, and how he was finding Blomberg.

"Great" he replied. "I'm not an intellectual - I don't want to hear fancy language. But he [Blomberg] helps me understand who Jesus is".

Let us pray that people would walk out of our churches, and away from conversations with us saying the same thing. Particularly this Easter, let us speak simply and clearly the gospel message of the death and resurrection of God's Son.

Owen's words are a timely reminder for those of us fortunate enough to have spent time studying theology:

By some men's too much understanding, others are brought to understand nothing at all.
From Sermon: The Strength of Faith. Works 9:20.

Pray that that wouldn't be us, but that we would boldly preach that simple message that sinners can be forgiven, prisoners set free, and rebels reconciled.

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