Monday, 31 March 2008

Carson at Moore II

During his visit to Moore college last week, Don Carson was interviewed at a dinner for alumni. He spoke about a number of things, including the soon to be revamped Gospel Coalition Website. However, the main focus was on a book he has just written about his father. I bought the book that night and finished it a day later. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Carson's Dad was a faithful pastor who worked for many years in French Canada without seeing much fruit at all. At one point he actually resigned from the ministry because he did not believe that he should continue given the fruitlessness of his ministry. This book is actually a wonderful encouragement to every Christian to remain faithful first and foremost and let the Lord take care of the results. If you are in full-time ministry, this book will re-orientate your priorities. If you are not it will still encourage you as a Christian and help you care for your own minister. (It also gives you a great insight into Don Carson - e.g. he spent a period helping establish a church plant and visited around three thousand homes to get a bible study started).

Highly recommended.

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