Saturday, 22 March 2008

NOOMA Review

As Rob Bell's long lost identical twin, I was intrigued to hear that Greg Gilbert at 9 Marks has done a review of all the NOOMA DVDs. You can find the three part review here.

Gilbert treats Bell fairly, but, as you would expect from anything from 9 Marks, with theological acumen and biblical insight. His conclusion is that NOOMA repeatedly refuses to address the foolish and unpopular parts of the gospel, is vague (at best), and is essentially just another form of religion:

'Bell would never use this word, but I believe what he’s presented in NOOMA is really just another religion that’s not so much different from any other religion in the world. For the gospel of NOOMA isn’t finally about the Son of God who lovingly dies in his people’s place to redeem them from sin and save them from God’s righteous judgment. It’s about the really great teacher who says, "Change your life. Live this way."'

This review also includes a summary of each of the 19 DVD's. Given the popularity of NOOMA, this review is valuable and necessary reading.

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