Sunday, 20 April 2008

From the mouths of babes

Putting Liam to bed we prayed, as we normally do, asking God to help Liam love and trust Jesus. The little fella interrupted - "Jesus can come into my room" (we're still struggling with issues of the resurrection body and where Jesus is now) "and help me make a train track" (we're also very, very big on trains). Well, I said, he could - he'd probably make a very good train track, don't you think. A long pause. "Well, it would probably have a bridge". Yes, I said, it would probably have a bridge - Jesus can make anything. "But he couldn't play with it" said Liam. Why not, his somewhat aghast father asked. "Because he made it for me" responded my little picture of original sin. And there you have it. We surely mount more complicated and (we think) compelling arguments for sin, but at it's heart it's all the same. Even though God makes it, we won't let him play with it.

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