Tuesday, 1 April 2008

If you could give away one book...

A woman at church has had a friend ask her questions about God, Christianity, etc., and she is a bit flummoxed as to where to direct her. Enter Christianity Explored's latest offering - "If you could ask God one question" (more details and sample chapter here). Written by Paul Williams and Barry Cooper, the book picks up and answers the most common questions asked by participants on the Christianity Explored course.

I've read similar books which address the 'standard' questions - issues to do with revelation, suffering, the plurality of religions, etc. "If you could..." answers the questions, but does so in a format which is progressive (moving from revelation in Christ, inscripturated revelation, sin and its consequences, the atonement, grace, etc.), strongly exegetical (each of the chapters is clearly grounded in the text of Scripture and addresses the questions from the Bible), and profoundly readable. It sounds in places quite similar to the CE course, but is different enough so that I'd feel comfortable bringing someone along to the course after they had read the book.

While it is a bit too "English" in places (Pete, you'll appreciate that) for a NZ audience, it's not impossible to read, and is straight forward enough for most adults to comprehend. And at 5 quid (~NZD$12 + P&P) its certainly worth having a few on your shelf. Buy it here or here.

What book would you give away to someone asking those sorts of questions?

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Peter Orr said...

Just wondering which Pete you were referring to. Pete Orr (from N.IRELAND)