Wednesday, 9 April 2008

It's not a spade, it's a ....

Phillip Jensen has spoken recently on the nature and limits of Christian unity. Listen here. I listened to it yesterday, and am going to do so again today (one of the joys of living in Methven is that it is an hour away from Christchurch - just the right amount of time to listen to talks!). Jensen provides an excellent overview of the Bible's teaching on unity and reaches some hard, but, I think, justified conclusions. Like much Jensenian material it is direct, and that directness can be taken as being offensive or overstated. But then again, you know exactly where he stands, why he stands there, and you've got to come up with some pretty good reasons to disagree with him. Of course, putting his exposition of Scripture into practice is another thing, particularly, I might humbly suggest, outside of Sydney. But despite what some think, the Bible is true wherever you are, and requires our obedience because it is God's very own word breathed out to us. In Methven, Christchurch, Sydney, Lambeth - the list goes on!

Have a listen, post your thoughts, and maybe offer some advice!

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