Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April fooled

This was posted this morning [update - not by us - I've just copied it from here!!]. Of course it helps if you know the people invovled, but you can still get it.
The Warden of Latimer Fellowship, Rev. Malcolm Faloon, has declared a moratorium on overseas speakers to conferences and for any events with which Latimer Fellowship is connected. In an interview Christchurch priest Malcolm Falloon spoke about the problems associated with inviting overseas “specialists”. He said the issue had polarised the church.

"There are New Zealand-born leaders here, both liberal and conservative, who could have done the job. I think it is a failure of the church in honouring our home-grown leaders."

Strong support soon followed the announcement. Latimer Fellowship shares its offices with a missionary society which will meet today to discuss the suggestion of withdrawing all its manpower from overseas. The society is assuring members that funding of poorer nations will continue in any case. Parishes are also responding to the challenge of no longer inviting overseas speakers to preach or run parish missions.

A priest who was a New Zealander who had worked in the same parish for the past 20 years and was responsible for building a multithousand-dollar church, Canterbury Archdeacon Mike Hawke said "What is it about New Zealand culture that overlooks the local with the good track record, in favour of someone who knows sweet little."

"When you have someone coming from a completely different culture they are going to have to spend time immersing themselves in New Zealand culture and I'm not sure we have got that much time."

A vicar who declined to be named added overseas clergy often do not understand our local approach of openness. “Many overseas clergy are still stuck in valuing confidentiality and discretion. They are unaware of instant communication available to all on the Internet. We live in a world of modern communications systems, which the Church must surely recognise. Young people live their lives publicly on Bebo and Facebook and growing churches with young people are conscious that keeping secrets is a bad thing.” The vicar reminded us that Jesus himself taught “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.”


Rev. Andy Carley said...

Very funny guys, not sure everyone appreciates it though!

Dave Clancey said...

Hey Andy
To be sure, it wasn't us - I presume given they've quote Mal that they (whoever 'they' are) checked with him. Otherwise... we'll, it gets a bit more serious.

I'm more than happy to have a laugh at it - crying is the other option given some of the positions held over at AA.

Rev. Andy Carley said...

Well I was a bit surprised when I googled 'latimer fellowship' and your blog came up as the first point of contact for the article in question. AA certainly can be depressing, many times I've come off it vowing to cancell my membership! Liberals just don't get it do they?Anyway, good work on your blog - keep it up!