Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Encouragement from Fellow Workers

In God's grace, the day after writing on the encouragement we can receive from fellow workers, we get a call from David and Julie Moore, who are over in NZ and are coming out to see us today. Dave pastors the Unichurch at Hunter Bible Church, and was in my year at college. We slummed it together in the death trap (aka the King Street Study Room) and were modern Trinitarian thinkers together. Great to have him here today as I am preaching on the Trinity this Sunday (it being Trinity Sunday in the lectionary, and I'm a big time lectionary fan), and it will be good to throw some ideas around. It will also be a particular joy to see them today as on Friday I am taking the funeral of a woman who suicided, and am going to find it particularly difficult. All the support I can get in that will be welcome indeed.

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