Sunday, 4 May 2008


The blogging world (or our little part of it, anyway) waits with baited breath for news of the latest addition to the Orr household. Will it be another Orr Junior, or will Emma have an Orrette (and Pete learn how to braid hair)?

I would like to think that the But Now community can take part in this joyous occasion by suggesting names for the little one.

Factors to consider include:
Irish ancestry
Biblical pedigree
Great Irish sporting namesakes.

Given that there aren't any of the latter, please focus on the first and second.


Roger Gallagher said...

Sean, given that it's the Irish form of John.

Peter Orr said...

Unfortunately Emma has vetoed all Irish names! The baby was due yesterday but doesn't look like making an appearance any time soon...

ab said...

Give him a real name..

Like 'Stephen Waugh Orr'

It has a nice ring to it..