Friday, 2 May 2008

Ethical plagerism

A smattering of quotes from the opening chapter of Resurrection and Moral Order (Oliver O'Donovan):

Christian ethics must arise from the gospel of Jesus Christ.

A belief in Christian ethics is a belief that certain ethical and moral judgements belong to the gospel itslef; a belief, in other words, that the church can be committed to ethics without moderating the tone of its voice as a bearer of glad tidings.

Whether it appears as law or as licence, the ultimate fact about life according to the flesh is that it is a refusal of life according to the Spirit.

We shall argue for the theolgcal proposition that Christian ethics depends upon the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

We are driven to concentrate on the resrurection as our starting-point becuase it tells us of God's vindication of his creation, and so of our created life.

Man's life on earth is important to God; he has given it its order; it matters that it should conform to the order he has given it.

The order of things that God has made is
there. It is objective, and mankind has a place within it.

In speaking of man's fallenness we point not only to his persistent rejection of the created order, but also to an inescapable confusion in his perceptions of it.

The Spirit forms and brings to expression
the appropriate pattern of free response to objective reality.

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